"the end of our exploration will be to arrive where we started from, and know that place for the first time." t.s. eliot

drew and gille

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weekend to celebrate my good friends' Drew and Gillie's wedding. Every little thing about their wedding day was personal, thoughtful and pure. Drew's father, Jay, with anecdotes and grace, officiated the ceremony. Drew and Gillie's dog, Solstice, was there to join them as they first walked down the aisle as husband and wife.  Their friends, myself included, formed an arch around the couple as they made their vows: not standing on one side, but on both. For the first time, I stood on the other (and more personal) side of a wedding I planned. 

The reception site: Panorama Farms in Earlysville-- a place Drew and his family had lived while we were in high school.  As guests drove onto the property--they followed tiki torches and bluegrass music up the hill to the tent. With a 360 dgree view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the sun setting below them, you couldn't dream of a more fitting place to eat, drink and be merry. 

Guests were greeted with mason jars of lemonade and tea and homemade Wisconsin cheese, made by Gillie's brother, Andy. When the sun dipped below the mountains... we kept ourselves warm with wine, dancing and s'mores by the bonfire. There wasn't one cake, there were seven... all made by Albemarle Baking Company, where Gillie works part-time. 

There are memories you wish you could bottle up-- and Saturday certainly was full of them. Drew and Gillie: cheers to the two of you, and all we have to look forward to. I have a feeling, this is only the beginning! xoxo

(stay tuned for more pictures...)

april showers

it doesn't take much to make my day...

i came home last night, after a pretty long (but great) day at work. my sister had made dinner for my brother and dad... and consequently me. when i walked in...these were on the table. my dad had picked them from my mom's garden and brought them over for me and kate. talk about sweet. its the simple things in life, that make it so great. this, by far, is the best bouquet of flowers i've ever received. thanks Dad

blue shout

anyone who knows me knows blue is my favorite color... a family friend just got home from paris and sent this slideshow out... its pretty fantastic. 

i'm headed to hong kong tomorrow...and i think i've just been inspired...